This is a bonus episode of cut scenes from the first 8 episodes of Modern Comedian. It features Kurt Braunohler explaining the Urban Disorientation Game, Lynn Shawcroft talking about Mitch Hedberg’s lack of stage fright & a few new shots of Mitch’s writing (be sure to pause it and read the sideways notebook with the farmer’s tan joke at 3:04 for a lost gem) …Rory Scovel does local publicity on radio and TV from an episode which we shot and then later ditched entirely. It also features Andy Haynes and friends goofing around in the green room before his Conan set and lastly… Todd Glass explains more details about how to throw a proper party. If you haven’t seen the previous episodes of Modern Comedian, you should see them before you watch this one or it may not make sense. Thanks so much for watching and there are many more new episodes premiering weekly beginning in mid-November of 2012 exclusively at PBS Digital Studios on YouTube. Please subscribe if you do that sort of thing.

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